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  • February 10, 2005
    350+ Years of Lionism

    On February 10 2005, Governor Ray Adam had the pleasure of p…

  • January 18, 2008
    Celebrating 90!

    We, as lions and friends, wish Wlif Klopp many more years of…

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The London Central Lions Club meets at 
Trinity Lutheran Church (746 Colborne St.)  
on the second and forth Thursdays of the month. 
The second Thursday is a regular club meeting at 7 pm
and the forth Thursday is a dinner/social meeting that
includes a meal and starts at 6:30 pm.

The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of the 

month at Keller William Realty at Wonderland and Commissioners.



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London Central
Lions Club

Springbank Train

In the mid 60’s London Central Lion Club was approached by then mayor Gordon Stronach asking if we would be interested in buying the little stream train in Springbank Park. This train had been operating since 1921 and Jim Kennedy, the owner, was selling it to people who wanted to move it out of London.  Gordon Thompson of Supertest Petroleum did not want the train to be moved and was willing to help to finance the purchase.  In 1966 the London Central Lions Club became the owners and operators of the train and had it refurbished with a gasoline engine.  The Club operated the train until 1990 when we decided to donate it to London PUC.